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S/S Herbert is a steamdriven towboat from 1905. It origns from a epoch when the waterways was used for transports of timber and pulpwood. With its wellpreserved original engine she represents a very interesting piece of historical technology. Herbert was built at Eriksberg Mekaniska Verkstad in Gothenburg on an order from Strands sawmill at Nössemark in the northeastern corner of Dalsland. She was sold to Lennartsfors in 1907 after a fire at the mill. Her job was to tow timber to the sawmill. Later on traffic was expanded with towing of barges loaded with pulp and other paper products. During the winters the ship was sometimes used as an ice breaker and at periods when the ice was too tricky for the passenger steamers she had to replace them on their regular routes. The lumber was stacked into packets who was joined togheter, up to 40 at a time, into a almost 200 meters long tail. Each packet contaied about 40 cubic meters of wood soo each run could weight about 2000 metric tons. This can be compared with about 50 truckloads or a full freight train. It was not possible to travel at speed, the average towing speed was 2-3 km per hour. A trip between Lennartsfors and Bengtsfors could take about 25 hours but only 3 hours on the way back.

In the early 1960's lorrys starting to get parts of the timber and the transports at see were decreased. In 1966 Herbert towed her last lumber and this formed the end of a roughly 60 year long era. Herbert left the Dalslands canal in 1968 and changed owners several times before she ended up in Alingsås in 1985. After about 12.000 hours of volonteer work she was able to commence traffic on the lake Mjörn in 1992. Herbert is now classed as a historical ship by the Swedish National Maritime Museum.

Techincal details

Herbert was built at Eriksberg in Gothenburg 1905, is 15.25 meters (51 feet) long, 3.68 meters wide. Depth is 1.58 meters and the deplacement is 30 tons. In the engine room you will find a coal-fired boiler of scottish type.built at Eriksberg. The main engine is a two-cylinder compund engine on 45hp (33 kW) from Ljungrens Mekaniska Verkstad in Kristianstad. There is also a Worthington donkey-pump and a one-cylinder Stuart engine that drives an electrical generator. The boiler holds 2.5 cubic meters of water and a working pressure of 8 kg per square cm. Herbert carries 25 passengers and makes 8 knots with a crew of 3-5 people.